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My Uncle Alf

 Who Killed Geli Raubal?

One of the stories in Tales of Odd is based on the actual murder of Geli Raubal by her uncle, Adolf Hitler. My story is called My Uncle Alf

Here is some of the historical background to that story.

In 1929, Adolf Hitler's half-niece - Geli Raubal - moved into his Munich apartment. She was twenty-one and had known Hitler since she was seventeen

 Geli Raubal

Although not exactly beautiful, she was young, vivacious and charming

 Adolf fell hopelessly in love with his lively young niece

It is said that this was his first and only passionate love relationship - far more meaningful than his longer, subsequent relationship with Eva Braun

 Hitler, 1927 (Photo by Heinrich Hoffman)

Although not yet in power, Hitler was a rising star. His powers of oratory had already attracted an enormous following

It was only a matter of time before he and his Nazi party assumed ultimate control of Germany

Geli and Hitler, 1931

This remarkable photograph shows Hitler and Geli relaxing together in 1931. She is now twenty-three

Hitler lavished expensive gifts on her and frequently took her to cultural events - such as the opera or long drives into the country in his chauffeur-driven Mercedes

Hitler's Munich apartment
They lived together in Hitler's second-floor apartment, here at 16 Prinzregentenplatz, Munich
Geli had her own bedroom and bathroom. Her relationship with 'Uncle Alf' was very sexual

Historians are divided as to the exact nature of that relationship but there is anecdotal evidence that Hitler was a demanding and perverse lover - requiring Geli to urinate over him in order for him to reach a satisfactory climax

On the 19th September, 1931 Geli was found dead in Hitler's Munich apartment. The official verdict was suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

I do not believe this Nazi 'cover-up' 

I am convinced ( a view shared by a number of other historians) that Hitler - after a violent argument - murdered his own niece

Hitler, 1937 in Essen 
I have, therefore, tried to reconstruct Geli's last moments on earth in my short story - called My Uncle Alf

This story begins with Geli, lying on the floor of her uncle's Munich apartment, dying from a gunshot wound

In her last moments - slipping into and out of consciousness - she remembers the happy (and not so happy) events in her short yet intense relationship with her charismatic uncle.

You can find my version of this tragic story in

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